Boxing Day: Bad Girl Grooves

After reading my new Bad Girl 2005 Calendar, we have revealed our true aliases.

My barfly name is Coconut Wine. Additionally, I have coerced my out laws to face their bad girl groove with several alias. Here are a few:


Barfly Name: Gorp Martini

Dating Diva: Chocolate Water

Porn Star Name: Chiffy Tremoy

Road Trip Name: Quiche Camp

Girl Dectective Name: Kitten Charlotte

Dr. Bob’s:

Barfly Name: Gorp Martini (yes, the same as madam’s)

Dating Diva: Peppermint Chlorox (ew!)

Porn Star Name: Pal Chestnut

Road Trip Name: Quiche Maine

Girl Dectective Name: Pup Athens


Barfly Name: Truffle Wine

Dating Diva: Chardonnay Coffee

Porn Star Name: Kiki Robmont

Road Trip Name: Coffee New York

Girl Dectective Name: Kitten Atlanta


Barfly Name: Coconut Wine

Dating Diva: Truffle Port

Porn Star Name: Cindy Silverlake

Road Trip Name: Eggs Tennesee

Girl Dectective Name: Kitten Kalamazoo

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