NYC: Eats

Our favorite pasttime in NYC is the food. Man, do we love to eat so we’d like to share some of our favorite haunts with you.

Penang, SOHO – Malaysian Cuisine
Beverage: Beer
Appetiser: Roti (curry potato & chicken)
My main: Buah Mango (Shrimp or Chicken)
Andrew’s main: Rice dish with Scallops, Shrimp, & Squid
Dessert: Malaysian Coffee (the secret is condensed milk on the bottom, then coffee)

Oh yum!!


Warm, creamy, succulent.


Savory, sweet and tart, with a pepper after-taste.

Butterfly Grill, Greenwich Village – Vietnamese Cuisine
Appetiser: Shrimp Summer Roll
My main: Grilled Chicken (stir fried w/lemon grass & chilly)
Andrew’s main: Tamarind Shrimp (jumbo cooked in wok w/tamarind sauce)
Beverage: Organic Tea

Very savory.

Focacceria, Greenwich Village – Italian Cuisine
When you’re in the mood for excellent red sauce, this place has it. Stay for the dessert -you won’t be disappointed.
Appetiser: Mozzarella in Carrozza (we splurged)
My main: Chicken Ravioli (divine)
Andrew’s main: Homemade Lasagna
Beverage: Merlot
Dessert: Warm Chocolate cake w/homemade ice cream (a different time)

Get there between the rush and you get great service. The food just melts in your mouth.

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