Weird & Wacky Londoners: British Invention Show

The Invention show sounds like great fun, but not at my expense. A few of the items revealed this weekend in London were:

  • The Egg (offers a full body massage + aroma therapy, music)
  • A coolbag that behaves like a fridge
  • A rubber hat that keeps cut cucumbers fresh
  • A new take on umbrellas.
  • The wackiest: A SidewaysBike

However, one invention that exuded much discussion was ‘The Patch.’ Excreeting dopamines to recharge a woman’s libido is at a cost: it blocks cravings for chocolate.

I can tell you right now that this chick will not allow anyone to reduce sex and chocolate to a mere coke vs pepsi debate.

Obviously a man invented this little device; he’s still pissed that Adam took the penis while Eve took the multi-o’s from the grab bag.

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