What I Enjoy

We just returned from a long weekend in NYC. Yea! We love recharging our batteries in the Big Apple -so much to see & do. Actually, we were walking the NY Gift Show & other trade shows for the biz and it’s terrific to write it off.

Here’s my list:
1) NYC
2) Sephora
Due to the ‘no liquids’ policy on airlines, I completely forgot to pack my special facial soap (DDF-Glycolic) I’ve found perfect for my combo skin. A Sephora location in NYC was gracious enough to give me a sample of a similiar soap (Salicylic Wash – my choice) to complete my trip. It was easy, free, and a great way to maintain a great customer relationship. Yes, I will be going back to purchase that Salicylic Wash I fell in love with.
3) A pair of shoes I purchased at Hudson-Belk that I didn’t have to break in; they kept my footsies comfortable thru-out the weekend sans blisters!

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