Options for Gurty’s Law

I’m on the road to creating Gurty’s Law. I need to familiarize myself with gathering names for petition to get a light, a stop sign, or a maybe a meager little speed bump.

My options are take the license I photocopied from the old man and:

Coupled with Gurty’s photo, write a note on flyers indicating this is what he had done and to make sure that everyone is aware how angry we are as a neighborhood and distribute them to every house in both neighborhoods


Enlarge a photo of Gurty and print it on a banner. Stake it in the place where she got killed (at the intersection) and have keys words printed such as:

“This Pet Was Killed Last Night Due to Reckless Driving… Slow Down”


A Simple Banner that reads:

“Slow Your Ass Down You Rotten, Careless Bastards”


“You Must Have Been a Republican to be so Heartless to Kill a Pet”


“Heartless Republican Bastards Turn Back, My Gun is Pointed at Your Head”


“Stupid Old Man: Relinquish Your Driver’s License and please don’t have a Heart attach and die because of these circumstances you brought about yourself and heads will turn to me since I’m not afraid of confrontation.”


“Slow Your Punk Ass Down… We Value People, Pets, and Children, Too.”

City Council, Here I Come.

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