2 thoughts on “I Wanna Move North!

  1. Jeanne Rhea says:

    Anchorage’s Saturday Market used to be very similar. I don’t know how it is run now, but each vendor picked a few Saturdays every summer and then it averaged about $50 per Saturday. I sold really well at the Market and loved it—except for the sun. But it has probably gone more to the imports and mass produced items unless the local artists and crafters fought for handmade arts and crafts. If I make it there this summer, I will give you a report. If I were trying to make a living off of my arts and crafts close to where I lived, I would try to find a city that has a lot of character and is a tourist destination, but not a Disney World type of tourist place. I really believe that people expect to buy when on vacation and so they are freer with their money. And you are not so much limited by the local economy. Providence looks wonderful!


  2. EC (Lisa) Stewart says:

    Do report! Might they have a blog or URL?

    Good point about vacationers…

    Don’t know if we’re committed to Providence, but hey! If that metro area allows me to thrive as an artist… ūüôā


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