When the Clock Strikes Midnight…

All Borders Bookstores will be jammed with frenzied Harry Potter fans to snag their book! Any of you going to be there? I might just have to drag Andrew out as this is the last of the Harry mania in any bookstore (that I can foresee).

I could just kick myself when JK Rowling came to Cary (yes, Cary!) back in 1998 for a book signing event -I had no idea who she or who Harry was! My client was all excited because she and her girls were going at midnight to get their books signed!! I thought it was some silly kid’s book. Man, was I wrong!

Meanwhile, I have found all kinds of muggles who are intrigued by the life behind the brick wall and have compiled receipes and such for treats like butterbeer. Here’s our list:

Madam Rosmerta’s Magical Receipes…

Voldetorts, Treacle Fudge, Stuffed Toadstools…
Licorce Wands, Cauldron cakes, Mrs. Weasley’s Rock Cakes…

Meanwhile, someone has come out with a book of Charmed Knit patterns from Potterland… I always wondered, why was Mrs. Weasley so industrious but a lousy designer? Keep the initials off the sweaters and they were perfectly fine!

Oh well, I’ve read mixed reviews on this book, but nonetheless, the styles inside are classics.

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