Happy Anniversary to Us!

Andrew and I took the day off and played together. We found ourselves lunching at our wedding venue, the NC Museum of Art and collecting our fabulous anniversary cake made by our original cake designer, Jennifer Hicks. It’s become tradition (because it’s so darn tasty!) as that chocolate cake/chocolate mousse layer is addictive, so it got special place in our fridge while we ran out and played s’more.

After our day of play, Andrew cooked dinner for the 2 of us: halibut with broccoli and a nice little bottle of Regusci Chardonnay. Upon one of his solo trips to Napa, he picked up this gem to add to his collection. Nine years later, we enjoyed it on our anniversary.

The legs were just gorgeous and the color was devine. What a fantastic nose with a splendid after finish -very light!

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. EC (Lisa) Stewart says:

    We let Jennifer go nuts on the design -just as long as we get the chocolate cake/mousse layers. Also, she’s to use the luckenbooth heart in some shape or fashion.

    Here’s the link to the wedding cake and previous cakes Jennifer has made for us:


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