Potter Mania

July 21…

We enjoyed party hopping from bookstore to bookstore last night.

We drove thru the Border’s parking lot and discovered many young adults (college) and older adults hanging out and about in street clothes. Some dressed in black because they were too afraid to show their solidarity in cape! B&N was our next stop to check out the festivities -it was surprisingly crowded. About 25% of the fans were dressed in some form. After a few mag purchases, we departed and headed for our indie bookseller Quail Ridge.

Quail Ridge was much more active with tents, games, and pseudo-Diagon Alley events. Yes, I proudly donned my cape. The crowd was much more liberal and enthusiastic about being fans. Many folks dressed up (~80%) to some extent and more families and teens. The miniature pony stole the show. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like Harvard Square where they turned the whole area into Diagon Alley. Rats. Yes, they had rats and they were snoozy in cages! They also had some taxidermy like owls (Hedwig), snakes (also alive) and insects. We had not pre-ordered the book but decided to support our local indie seller, so we were allowed into the bookstore to purchase it and put it on hold until today -we weren’t hanging around until 1am- we were too tired. We’ll probably jump in the car sometime today and go pick it up.

The next day, while we were picking up the book, our house received a call by Quail Ridge telling us that Andrew had won the Phoenix feathers count contest! Naturally, we immediately returned to the bookstore (surprise!) to claim his prize.

I love that man of mine! Up to that point, he hadn’t read any of the books (does love the movies!) he hung with me and humored me by attending the HP celebrations.

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