Happy Birthday, Madam!!

Top 10 Reasons Why my MIL is the Best! (Dr. Bob, too!)

  1. She’s a great cook (and can shoulder me out of my own kitchen)
  2. She introduced ‘Splash Time’ (now we’ve made it tradition in our house!)
  3. She’ll grandkitty sit on a whim (ignoring their piddling habits!)
  4. She can talk politics (even when I don’t care)
  5. She’s incredibly supportive (one of my biggest fans!)
  6. She’s incredibly generous (but will go across town for the cheapest gas!)
  7. She’s got a wicked sense of humor (and allows me to show mine!)
  8. She finally taught me how to knit (I finally found time to learn!)
  9. She keeps a great garden (I still have 2 black thumbs!)
  10. She had Andrew!

Thaaaaank yoooou, Madam, for having Andrew! If it weren’t for the 2 of you, I wouldn’t have Andrew in my life!!

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