Going to Market

Between resuming an exercise regimen (getting svelte for the honeymoon), working hard on a new series for a mfg, building and assessing my prototypes for their worthiness (to be revealed very soon), reviewing images for a new show at EVOO, and a quick trip to the High Point Market -I’m exhausted- and it’s only Thursday!!

Speaking of High Point, this week is their Autumn Market and we felt the need to walk it for a day. This was the 4th day of Market and after talking with a few of the sales reps, the climate seems dismal. Their projections are pretty grim for next year, “Just gotta get thru ’08, then we should be fine.” Wow, if that doesn’t say something about our current political climate… Our purpose was to learn more about opportunities: from a licensing basis as well as showroom potential. I can only say that trying to balance both handmade luxe products as well as beginning talks about imagery licensing is a hobby, not. Thankfully, I love my job.

Meanwhile, I rediscovered an interesting designer: Aaron Foster. Jeanne and I found him at the NYIGF in January and told Andrew that he must see this guy’s work ala Jasper Johns.

I know how much Andrew love Jasper Johns because he had a large print hanging in his house when we met and cooked dinner that first memorable night. Shortly thereafter, Andrew took me to the Tate Modern and I had the great pleasure to see Johns’ work in the flesh.

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