Holiday Madness

Life in the studio has been quiet, almost too quiet. While I’m finishing up some illos for a manufacturer (can’t wait to show you!), I’m planning my next solo show at EVOO and attempting to work on new product…

Suddenly, I’ve been besieged by Kate’s Paperie for holiday cards! She tells me that they did soooo well last year that they’re ordering double! Holy smokes! So, now I’m scrambling to make sure we’ve got enough and counting packing supplies to ensure our numbers meet. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my printer to get back to me with a quote because I really can’t do anything more until I know pricing and turnaround time. Yikes!

If you’re in the market for a few holiday cards, this is what Kate’s is ordering and I’m sure I’ve got a few left for you, too! Based on the classic calligraphic style, this will definitely charm your friends and family!

Holiday Cards

3 thoughts on “Holiday Madness

  1. Madam says:

    Madam said
    Have you ever considered using the “Three wise cats” or “Cheshire, Eros and the baby Bacchus” on cards. They certainly are no more irreverent than a whole lot of cards out there!


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