YABO: The Lonely Cat Woman’s Answer

Ever get that weird and worrisome feeling that you’ll become the infamous lonely ol’ cat lady at the end of the street? I know I do. I also worry about what appliances I’ve abandoned that are left hot and will potentially kill my helpless pussycats. I shall worry no more.

The designer, Kim Yong, indicates that the YABO will meet the master at the door upon arrival, monitor home appliances and electronics, maintain temperature and humidity, and expresses emotion by rotating and color-changing its face.

How cool is that? I love living in the Jetson age -I’m so lucky.

2 thoughts on “YABO: The Lonely Cat Woman’s Answer

  1. Dr. Bob says:

    He’s (or is it she?) is Cute. And I guess takes care of about everything. If you had one of these at home, what would Baucus think ? ? ?


  2. EC (Lisa) Stewart says:

    Well, as we all know, Bacchus would ask food from it; Cheshire would run from it; Pip would attempt to make it his wife; and Chardonnay would chase it’s shadow. ūüėČ


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