Studio News: NECKLines

Imagine wearing an ECStewart Collections fine art print!

We’ve created a new series called, “NECKLines.”

I wanted to provide you with more calligraphic work in color to take with you wherever you go. Inspired by beautiful creatures and artful living, I’ve hand finished these fabulous pendants with archival prints captured and set in a metal bezel. The dynamic images are then sealed with resin that magnifies their elegance.

So light weight, they delicately hang with a complementary satin or sterling silver chain.

Sterling Silver or Pewter Aspirations.

3 thoughts on “Studio News: NECKLines

  1. Madam says:

    Lisa, these are beautiful!!! Too bad bob’s Mom is not still alive -she loved everything “owl” how do we get you to Mass Market??? Do you have any shows coming up besides the Boylin Walk??? Do you still still have things at Cameron Station??Hope you get this – the format has gone back to the original though I got on through the family blog.


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