Hip Amenity: Embroidered Felt Scarves

I’m excited to let y’all know that we’ve got more savvy accessories for you: Embroidered, hand-felted scarves in a variety of colors -including a Stewart tartan!

Made with 100% wool, this soft and stylish scarf is gently hand-felted and embroidered in our studio. In addition to the tartan, our colors include black ink and chinese red.

Wait! It also includes your choice of one embroidered calligraphic motif: a snowflake, acorn, or leaf.

I love wearing my snowflake tartan with a little black leather jacket -it makes me look a bit sassy.

Anyone see a pattern here besides me? If so, let me know and you’ll get $10 off the purchase of your next scarf.

Hip Amenity: On the Move

3 thoughts on “Hip Amenity: Embroidered Felt Scarves

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Lisa!
    This is such a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts! I love them all!
    I think that I actually see two patterns happening! First: take red, add black, mix together to create stewart plaid. Second: evolution in reverse: falling snowflake, preceeded by falling acorn, preceeded by falling leaves!?!?!?
    Umm, what do you think?
    Thank you for the opportunity to chime in.


  2. EC (Lisa) Stewart says:

    Aww, that’s a very cute idea, Christine. Thanks! I like the way you think!

    However, that’s not quit what I was hinting toward…

    Try again!


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