Turkey Weekend

After a traditionally huge and fabulous meal at Cafe Madam’s with the extended family, Andrew and I retreated to Raleigh on Friday to catch the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Fine Art Show that evening -free entrance and free wine. I didn’t get a chance to see some of my favorite artists but talk with a few returning about the marketplace.

Additionally, we worked like elves to assemble product and artwork for Boylan Heights Art Walk this next weekend. I’ve got much to do and hope that I can hit the treadmill a few times this week while stuffing cards once they arrive from the printer’s this week.

Meanwhile, I was excited to learn that my red suede journal was featured on the ETSY homepage this weekend and earned lots of favorable response. Yay! Thanks to those who like my work enough to handpick it for their own.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Weekend

  1. Madam says:

    Lisa: that is exciting!! anytime you want to demonstrate the “pink journal” you certainly have my permission! Do you need that notarized so you don’t get knocked off for porn, all be it, tasteful!


  2. Lipton tender book says:

    How cool is that? I have been thinking about selling some of my work on Etsy too, it’s the coolest site. Let me know how it’s going!


  3. EC (Lisa) Stewart says:

    Hey Lipton-

    It’s a matter of trial and error. While ETSY does allow one to “heart” an item, it’s too bad that they don’t allow specific comments -this would definitely help in the personal trend report for one’s business. Then it would make sense to add more of what people love vs allowing the other products to just hang around to collect dust.

    Poke around ETSY and hopefully you’ll find valuable info to launch your style. Just try not to copycat anyone else’s work (there’s enough of that already) or undercut the pricing.

    Good luck.


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