Artist Spotter: Mandy Budan

I found this fabulous Canadian artist, Mandy Budan, on ETSY and I’m in love with her work. Her style is reminiscent of a modernized Van Gogh and while I appreciate what he did for the art world, I’d much rather have Mandy’s work in my home.

I just picked up 2 sets of notecards entitled “Summer” and “Autumn” and cannot wait to receive them. I’m going to adorn my kitchen by framing these little jewels and hang them between by hanging cabinets and the countertop my favorite husband refinished.

The top one is called Summer Tree which is my absolute favorite piece that she’s created thus far. My second favorite piece is called Maple Lake and she’s in the process of asking the first inquirer about their seriousness to purchase the original.

Mandy Budan’s Web Site
Mandy Budan’s ETSY store


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