Surprise! iTouch, iMarket, iConnect

The value of the iTouch as an art marketing tool needs to be further explored.

If you’re a professional artist as I am, I cannot express enough the importance of both blogging and now, the iTouch. Since a travel art portfolio in any form is the demand of collectors, galleries, and mfgs, these two (2) tools used in tandem are fabulous marketing vehicles that will keep us ahead of the pack.

Wait! Why am I telling you if I want to stay ahead of the pack? Simple: I like to see my friends succeed. So, if you’re my friend, get an iTouch -and start that blog!!!!

Meanwhile, trolling thru my stats late last night, I discovered that Natasha Wescoat has found my recent love posting about the iTouch. She also exploited the idea of using the iTouch as an art portfolio by highlighting in a podcast. I can’t wait to get my photos uploaded -I may just make a few friends and business colleagues in Europe next week!

3 thoughts on “Surprise! iTouch, iMarket, iConnect

  1. Jeanne Rhea says:

    Great video–but I am glad I got to see yours in person! This is really a good marketing tool and I can imagine several ways I could use one.


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