Handcrafted Gifts Schedule is Full

While Andrew believes that I have a problem as a design-a-holic, he’s asking me to announce that we can no longer garantee handcrafted gifts before Christmas delivery.

However, you may still make your purchase, but it will not ship until after the New Year. If you are purchasing the handmade craft as a gift, please note it in the message at check-out as we will send your recipient this special notice that it’s arriving soon!

Handmade gifts include luxe journals, framed prints, jewelry, pillows, scarves, and pet towels. Many of these pieces are created when the order is placed and I’ve only started my laundry for the trip! We do have a plethora of papergoods that include note cards and prints in inventory -so feel free to order- but only one day remains as we’re closing our studio tomorrow!

Perhaps a gift certificate is in order? This will certainly take the ownership of selection off your shoulders -it’s easy! If you purchase thru Paypal, this allows the recipient to track how much she’s used. Or you can purchase the gift certificates with a personal check or credit card.

Thanks so much for your support.

One thought on “Handcrafted Gifts Schedule is Full

  1. frank h. says:

    I was revising your blog – very stylish, everything with a nice touch.

    original and interesting – I’ll come back for sure!

    (thanks for your comments last week at Illustr Fri)

    good weekend!


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