Technology Overload

Is it possible to get too overwhelmed with cool techie devices? I’m beginning to think so.

My battery in my mobile phone would no longer hold a charge, so I was forced to consider upgrading the phone entirely. So, now after doing a quick search thru Consumer Reports to determine the best rated phone -I just need to make/receive calls, vm, and have a comprehensive contact library- I arrived at three contenders through Verizon:

The Razor (Andrew already has one)
The Juke (isn’t Web enabled, should I need it)
The Chocolate (fun name)

Because I had reluctantly settled with “the idea” of purchasing a new phone, I had had the daunting task of choosing the phone that would suit my needs, as minimal as they are. *Sigh*

Ooooooookay, I’ll piiiick the Choooc’late. I want it in the great burgundy color that reminds me of a chocolate raspberry torte.

You probably can’t sense the sarcasm thru my entry (I’m getting very tired) but I was delighted to learn that any photos I take can be extracted by using a card, rather than sending one-by-expensive one to my email. Now, between filling orders, I’m desperately reading the manual to figure out this gadget, because what I really want to do is finish my tutorials on video publishing!!

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