Business Class and the Crying Class

Travelling with Andrew is always charmed: we renewed our Admiral’s club membership and it’s worth it. If you don’t travel frequently, then I’d recommend getting a day pass (~$50) because the admiral’s club affords you a stress free experience prior to your flights. First, the noise free insulated room takes one away from the chaos of the airport; free internet usage (if you don’t have a computer) or WIFI connection, coffee, treats, TV, and bar. We experienced exceptional JFK’s Admiral’s lounge we managed to score 4 vouchers for drinks -that equates to 2 glasses of wine each -nice!

Also, Andrew managed to upgrade our flight from JFK to Heathrow to Business Class -this was the sweetest luxury we were able to experience for the bulk of our flight. Imagine collapsing in a Barcalounger with pillow and duvet for a transatlantic trip that includes champagne to inaugurate the flight. Additionally, we were given a wonderful little toiletry kit that included toothbrush & paste, green tea face wash cloth, eye mask, lip balm, body balm, socks and other miscellany all rolled up in a neat shoe bag. Meanwhile, we had all the wine you can drink, a great dinner while watching the movie of your choice. We awoke to breakfast and a voucher to use the Arrival Lounge that provides luxury showers & bath before moving on to your next destination.

Our connecting flight to Munich was late, but I wasn’t annoyed -until we boarded with 5 crying babies the entire way; the screams exhibited a pinball effect thru-out the fuselage. I’m thinking that perhaps we deserved this headache pounding inconvenience after having such a marvelous trip across the pond -not everything can go so well.

3 thoughts on “Business Class and the Crying Class

  1. Jeanne Rhea says:

    So glad to hear your flight was so luxurious. Too bad about those crying babies, but it does make one appreciate not having to deal with them on a regular basis…


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