We Made it to Munich

Just a quick post to let everyone know we finally made it to Munich last night.

Munich at Christmas
Click the image to see more in this set.

Our flight from London was about 2 hours late getting in, so we were not able to hit any of the Christmas Markets before they closed, but we did do a bit of wandering and found a nice beer hall for dinner. We’ll post more later today/this evening, but did discover that Internet connections are charged by the minute so they will most likely be brief.

Hotel Sofitel: I believe this is the most hardworking room I’ve ever experienced.

Sofitel Hotel

Click the image to see more in this set.

  • Hidden behind the curtains is an expandable desk -I’m having Andrew install them in every corner of our house.
  • The bath can be completely closed off for privacy -what’s the point in a king size bed? It may be difficult to see in this photo, but the entire bath can be closed w/a giant glass door hinged on barndoor mechanics.
  • Additionally, there is one door that moves on another barndoor hinge between the toilet and shower. Who needs 2 doors?
  • The trashcan is operated by a foot lever.
  • The bathtub has 2 faucets: one waterfall deafening, one silent. Didn’t matter to me, the tub kept the water warm for a very long time. I almost drowned in it from falling asleep!
  • The shower has to shower heads: one streaming, one waterfall.
  • The TV oscillates and is on an articulated shelf

We’ve got footage on a little digicam (bathroom only folks!! sorry to disappoint), but we need to finalize the disk before we can upload it. Video Forthcoming!

3 thoughts on “We Made it to Munich

  1. Jerry in Tampa says:

    Lisa! What a delight your blog is! I found you through a blooger search of “photography” and I will be back! Keep up the GREAT work! I really loved the video on the Itouch!

    Have a Merry Christmas and may 2008
    be your best year ever!

    Jerry in Tampa


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