Christkindlmarkt Munchen with Sayuri

GlockenspielClick on the photo to view entire set.

We were to meet Sayuri at the Marienplatz post office immediately after Munich’s famous glockenspiel musical performance -very cloak and dagger!

About the Glockenspiel:
Taped music accompanies carved figures jousting and doing the Schalffertanz (Cooper’s Dance), first done by barrel makers in the Marienplatz in 1517 at the end of the Black Death plague.

Munich was filled with wonderful architecture, built thru the ages. Having only 2 days, it was extremely difficult to focus my eye on both the markets and the architecture. Fortunately for us, Sayuri showed us a few key buildings that revealed some nuggets of fortune. Inside city hall, exposed several gargoyles that highlighted several levels of the structure. The high sun also jeopardized the lighting subtleties within the space, making composition perplexing.

Sayuri & LisaClick on image to view entire set.

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4 thoughts on “Christkindlmarkt Munchen with Sayuri

  1. KJ says:

    so great that you were able to see Sayuri! ūüôā also wanted to say that i’ve been really enjoying your travel writeup. just got back from 3 months in Shanghai; i took oodles of pix and short vids, but quickly gave up trying to upload and post much while there, just annotated offline in Picasa. so i *really* appreciate how much of a juggling act it is, to balance enjoying your locale to the utmost in real-time against capturing the details and stories for later.
    happy new year!


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