Edinburgh: A Haunted Side

Upon reading much of the haunted sightings within Scotland, the Greyfriars Kirk (Scottish for “church”) is renowned for spirits reaching thru and pinching people -specially after dark.

We got a late start, our honeymoon MO, but we just had to make a detour this morning to Candlemaker Row before our tour thru the Museum of Scotland. Oh-kay, it was early afternoon, but we had to walk about the most haunted grounds in Britain and take some captivating photos of headstones, graves, burial vaults, mausoleums, memorials, and even a former prison.

Some find the grounds creepy, but I found them quite comforting -call me weird. The landscape was undulating and filled with extremely beguiling architecture. What I found most intriguing is that some memorials appeared as though they had built-in hearths -it’s as though it beckoned one to build a fire and hang about for awhile.

Update: I picked up a couple of books about Edinburgh’s haunted and sininster side and discovered that this graveyard is one of the most noteably haunted.

More details forthcoming.

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