Wallpaper Giveaway: Carousel Horse

Once in awhile I have to let loose my tight renderings and do a little experimentation in other mediums: this time it’s photography.

Because my background is in both fine arts and graphic design, I do yearn to have fun mixing composition with photos on a more surreal level. Currently, my caper is with a carousel horse found galloping on Princes Street in Edinburgh during Hogmanay. I love the colors, the glistening of the lights that bounce and play on the brass poles.

The carousel horse is available as a wallpaper for your desktop and best of all -he’s free for the taking. As usual, copyright stays with me, but feel free to tell your friends. Also, let me know which comp you like better: the one with Winston Churchill quote or the one without.

Carousel Horse without Quote (1024 x 768)

Carousel Horse without Quote (1024 x 768)

Download Additional Sizes
1600×1200 w/quote
1680×1050 w/quote

If more votes come in that you like the image without the quote, I will optimize it at the appropriate size and make it available.

Vote now by commenting!

3 thoughts on “Wallpaper Giveaway: Carousel Horse

  1. Penny A says:

    They are both quite lovely, but I love the quote version — I have a dear friend who would love that one as a framed print!
    – penny


  2. CREATIVEGoddess says:

    Ah, ya know, I was thinking if I had enough enthusiasts, that I might just make them prints -the resolution is full of depth and gorgeous.


  3. diddenfam says:

    The photo with the quote is definitely better. Both my daughers want me to redecorate their room in carousel horses and this picture is just beautiful for that.


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