What more do you want from this blog?

First poll for 2008: What more do you want from this blog?
The poll is open until February 1st and you can vote anonymously.

We ask you, our favorite enthusiast, to tell us what is on your mind. What you want to see when you arrive to read our online journal? Place your vote on the poll machine (multiple choice is allowed) and if there is more you’d like to add, this is the place to do it.

Thanks so much for reading -and contributing!!

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3 thoughts on “What more do you want from this blog?

  1. Madam says:

    I think the blog is great just the way it is!! Your descriptions of your products and your adventures are always fun to read! Reactions of others to the blog are interesting – sometimes I find that personal philosophy on subjects may get in the readers way, since everyone has his or her own opinion of things and ideas. If you describe the philosophy behind a product or whatever prompted you to develop a product is always fun to read. What was it that prompted you to create the Chinese New Year series??You are so very creative and obviously you don’t want copycats but for those of us who are in awe of what you do and how you do it, its always fascinating to know where ideas come from!


  2. CREATIVEGoddess says:

    Thanks Madam! Chinese New Year was created for a few reasons:

    my love for animals
    my interest in mythos; and
    my appetite for anthropology and behavioral psychology

    I think also I idealize animals because of their primal existence and that as humans, we should always stay in tune with ours. I think that’s why the Chinese Zodiac was created -to remind of us that our behaviors are based on instincts and emotions and thus, how to best relate to one another.

    I’ve written more about the philosophy of the CalligraphyCats, but I think I’ll save that for another post.


  3. Jeanne Rhea says:

    I just now found where the poll was. I like the blog the way it is. Really, you do a wonderful job without preaching! I especially like photos that you post.


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