Handpainted Luckenbooth Heart on Luxe Suede

Luxe Suede Handcrafted Painted Journal with Luckenbooth Heart

I couldn’t help myself, I had to find a way to put brush to suede. I love how the Luckenbooth Heart turned out, so I added a few Swarovski Crystals to make the crown pop.

An original painting with metallic golds on luxurious red suede that includes my small kanji stamp in the corner; it also comes with a small certificate of authenticity.

I’m rather in love with this piece but thought you might like it, too. It’s one of a kind and for now, you can find it on ETSY.

2 thoughts on “Handpainted Luckenbooth Heart on Luxe Suede

  1. Madam says:

    I LOVE the owls!!! both the print and on the journal!!! And the heart is also “smashing” Perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!
    It’s too bad Grandmother is not alive – she adored owls and she would have been at the top of our list for both the print and the Journal. She kept a daily journal and poor thing, the only thing she wrote towards the end of her life was what she had eaten and whether Bob called her on time!


  2. Penny A says:

    absolutely gorgeous! it looks almost embroidered — and the crystals are a lovely touch.

    my ‘paper junkie’ soul is definitely communing with loverly work!

    – p


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