Studio News: WinterIce OLE Watercolor Sterling Pendants

Introducing WinterIce
Water is like the stream of creativeness, refreshing the spirit and awakening up new forces. -A. Rakauskas

Awaken and refresh your spirit with an ECStewart original one-of-a-kind watercolor! These fabulous pendants are inspired by the beauty of nature and the stream that flows within.

Inspired by my travels to a much colder climate and my love for water and crystals, I’ve had a little fun with watercolors recently. While it seems like a departure from my usual tight calligraphic renderings, this allows me to enrich my work by applying a little freedom in the studio and bringing it to you.

These little beauties are original, one-of-a-kind limited edition original watercolor set in sterling silver bezel (30mm), sealed with resin that magnifies the flowing spirit and harmonized with a Swarovski crystal that represents the solid form of water. This small masterpiece hangs on a 18″ sterling silver chain.

Right now, you can find them on ETSY because the limited edition is easier to keep track -I wouldn’t want folks to double purchase my pieces when I’m not looking!

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