Friendship Set: Limited Time

I thought it might be fun to celebrate the friends in our lives.


For a limited time, I want to offer a special gift package to celebrate friendships. I’ve packaged both the archival print and bezel pendant together and applied a discount.

This is a great gift for sisters, moms, aunts, and of course, best friends.

Celebrate Friendships on CalligraphyPets.

3 thoughts on “Friendship Set: Limited Time

  1. Natasha says:

    those are awesome! I have yet to learn how to do my own jewelry. You guys do all of your merchandise production don’t you? That makes it very special. I’m trying to coax myself to work with resins, but they scare me! ;P


  2. CREATIVEGoddess says:

    Thanks Jeanne & Natasha! Doing our own production gets crazy and quite the juggling act.

    Resins can be intimidating but once you get the handle, you’ll enjoy ’em.


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