SCPA: Treble Clef Auction Logo

scpaauctionThis past week, I’ve been wrapping up projects for charity. The newly designed logo is for Second Chance Pet Adoptions‘ Annual Auction.

Second Chance wanted an emblem to represent a jazz theme. Their initial idea was to include several elements of what jazz meant to them: saxaphones, piano, musical notes, mardi gras etc. While it’s a challenge to get clients to understand the difference between an illustration and a logo, the idea of music needed to be strongly conveyed. Fortunately, to have a client like Second Chance who understands that bringing a myriad of ideas to the illustrator/designer and allowing the designer to rearrange and edit, strengthens dialog and trust.

My solution was to embrace both cat and dog into the shape of a treble clef. The colors currently represent the Mardi Gras but the elegant lines of the treble clef provides longevity, allowing Second Chance to implement the logo in all manners of music. In the future, SC can change their music theme from caribbean jazz, latin jazz, the blues, ragtime, big band, even classical.

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