Local Event: SCPA Open House

If you’re local to Raleigh, I’ll be part of Second Chance Pet Adoptions Open House tomorrow.

Second Chance has moved into a bigger facility that houses most, if not all their kitties, and you’ll be able to see the all the wonderful dogs and cats ready for adoption.

If you’re already brimming with pets, bring yourselves by anyway to meet with training professionals, grooming professionals, and massage therapists to learn how to treat your fuzzy family members special. Additionally, they will have microchip program, food, drink, games, and special events for kids.

Oh, Andrew and I will be revealing some goodies from the CalligraphyPets collections. While I donate to Second Chance thru-out the year, I will be donating a portion of my sales proceeds made tomorrow directly to the agency. I may even have a raffle!!

Please stop by and say hello.

Update: Despite the inclement weather, the open house brought a few people in to see the myriad of pets available for adoption and the new facility. I noticed many many tabbies available, two even looked like our Bacchus and Cheshire. Quietly, I said to the Bacchus doppleganger, “Don’t get fat! Please for the love of all good pets, don’t get fat!” I doubt he’ll listen.

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