Studio News: Introducing Dog Breed Series!

After many enthusiasts hounding me for dog breed-specific art, I am embarking down a new path: Dog Breeds!!

This Original Scotch Terrier, the Yorkie, is the first of many dogs I will be illustrating this season.

It’s going to take a long while to complete the hundreds of breeds out there, so please be patient. To understand the popularity of the breeds, I decided initially, it would be best to start with the 2007 top 10 dogs and continue from there. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions and I’ll take them into consideration as I render each pup.

3 thoughts on “Studio News: Introducing Dog Breed Series!

  1. Madam says:

    The yorkie is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!! I’m sure he will be very popular!1 now my friend Kathy wants you to do a Border collie”


  2. CREATIVEGoddess says:

    I’ve already had a few folks ask for the collies!! I’m doing the top 10, then the original Lassie Collie will be #11, and so forth.


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