Birthday Mnemonics

Well! I thought this Summer was going to be easygoing… I just remembered I’ve got photos from birthday celebrations, however quiet.

Birthday French Toast

The weekend before my birthday, we had friends Marina & Jimbob over for a long overdue dinner. Too busy talking about the business of art, we never did get a chance to to talk about their recent honeymoon adventures to Sweden. However, she did bring us Asiago Cheese bread that we turned into French Toast the next morning. Yes, I know it sounds strange, but imagine, cheese + cinnamon + maple syrup = not a bad combination. I can never have too much cinnamon and sugar!!

Later that week, I sent Amy a note wishing her a happy birthday (the day before mine) and asked her if I could get her a new paint by number set since I know she has difficulty remembering her complementary colors. She wasn’t real pleased because she was still reeling from the ‘make your own greeting card’ kit I bought for her at Tuesday Morning last year. Hahahahahaha. Perhaps I should have picked up a color wheel for her instead…

In any case, Amy was much more gracious the next morning as she called to invite me to celebrate our birthdays together. We chose the NC Art Museum for lunch and naturally, I had to have the Artist Palette Salad complete with ceramic palette -hole and all!

*Sigh* I wish I had brought my camera.

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