5 Companies That Win Me Over

I adore companies who because leaders in their field due to either price, timing, or simply different. Here’s my list of 5 companies that continue to win me over.

Joseph Phelps Vineyard
Why? Because they have done what I’ve wanted someone to do for a very long time. Create cross-pollinating menus based on their wine or the meal.

Cirque du Soleil
Why? They never cease to amaze me; I am always amused, bewildered, and in awe of the artistic and physical expression they create. I love listening to their music when I work -keeps me in another plane.

Why? One word: Innovation. Because they create the most awesome products like the iMAC, the iTouch, the iPod Shuffle. They’ve also got great applications like GarageBand and iMovie. I’ll post more on these soon, too.

American Airlines Admiral’s Club
Why? They keep you comfortable and away from the noise pollution of the terminal concourse. You get free WI-FI access as well as coffee, tea, juice, water, and television. If you’ve purchased Business Class transatlantic tickets, they give you vouchers for free wine.

Why? They manufacture great vehicles like the Accord and our ugly baby, the Element. Our posts here and here.

Who or what do you love?

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