Creative Compositions Weekend

Scrapbooking with Jim
How do you impress a man? Introduce him to the Magic Sticker Maker.

My friend, Jim, has required my assistance with certain aspects on his personal journey of scrapbooking. I introduced him to the fine art of designing the interior of a book and the many options he had before committing himself to any design guidelines. After several months of excruciating deliberation, Jim composed a decent opus of his recent life surrounding his tours in Iraq, personal tragedies, and a few triumphs.

The process for him has been quite emotional, so I remained sensitive and asked very few questions on many of the photos he laid out. If he had difficulty in his page-by-page approach, I’d present options like, ‘chronology or hierarchy’ and that seemed to help him without getting into his business regardless of what I saw.

I hope that many more people, men and women alike, begin to catalog their struggles as well as their successes in life. Journaling of any kind, from the traditional standpoint: writing & visual journaling, to modern methods like blogging or even Twittering is a very healthy response to composing a chronology of one’s life. Just because you may not become the celebrity of the tabloids, doesn’t mean you can’t become the celebrity of your own life.

Start slow, because as Jim learned, scrapbooking is a very challenging endeavor. So much to think about when arranging just one page can be very daunting.

Hint: If you think from general to specific, this will help you edit out what isn’t needed. If you believe that you need to get into specifics, you could approach scrapbooking from a multi-book hierarchy: Create a general book -the main visual table of contents- then create specific books -each chapter highlighted- from within the general book. The general book becomes the parent of the hierarchy (table of contents) from which your children (chapters) are created.

2 thoughts on “Creative Compositions Weekend

  1. Madam says:

    Sounds like a great, positive project! I know you gave me a book on “How to write my memoirs” which is too much like a textbook to suit me! ( You know me and textbooks~!) However, somewhere a long the line when you EVER have time, I’ll get you to help me get organised. You both did such a great job for our Anniversary.


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