I Heart: iCreate Magazine

iCreate  Title Tutorial
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We’ve been picking up this iCreate mag each time we walk into Costco. I know what you’re saying, “Costco? Really?” Yah. Costco. They’ve got just a few consumer mags, but what’s interesting is that there are geeky people working at Costco and they have the buyer’s ear of purchasing pubs. One can also find Photoshop Creative, too.

Thank you artistic geeks that work at Costco!!

Okay, so this reason I love this particular issue is small, but HUGE in my life. While I’m learning to create montage videos to enhance my Web site, blog, and YouTube presence, I’m also learning that I get creatively ‘stunted’ when I hit the pre-made template section of Apple’s software applications. Templates are for people who just want a quick and dirty –not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, working in the tech industry for so many years, I know that there is a way to create my own template, I just need to figure out the back door approach.

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My recent exasperation was due to the limited options that “Title” presented in iMovie. I realized that I wanted to create my own ‘Title’ graphic due to the designer in me. Meanwhile, Andrew thought that upgrading to Final Cut Pro would cure my woes as well as exalt any video endeavors we may crave. A visit to our Apple Store provided answers, but not the kind we wanted: Final Cut doesn’t allow personalizing Titles of any kind and neither does iMovie.

Until… Issue 58 of iCreate came out this week. Page 20: One hour iMovie Tutorial.The tutorial is under Thought Bubbles on pg 21, but it applies just the same. The trick? Transparent .pngs!! The ability to overlay transparent.pngs on top of video clips is the key I needed but it isn’t announced because iPhoto cannot convert image into .pngs; other software like Photoshop can and this is how you do it.

Making Your Own Title

  • Go into iMovie and determine your movie size. Mine is set at Widescreen – 16:9.
  • Create a new file (within your favorite software). The 16:9 ratio dictates that I create my new file 1600 pixels w by 900 pixels high.
  • Import your favorite image and place it where you want within that file. I placed mine at the bottom.
  • Double check your background. I turn off my default white background to ensure my transparency when I export.
  • Export to *.png. I select PNG-24 and select the Transparency box. Save.
  • Find your image, select, then drag and drop onto your working thumbnails.

    Click to Enlarge.

    You can see that in the second thumbnail, a section has been highlighted blue; this is only a default and you can change it later.

  • The result is your very own title image.

    Click to Enlarge.

Since this is for demonstration purposes only, you can see that I’ll prefer to adjust the size to fit only 1/3 of the page, not 50%. Then again, I could fit text in the upper right area and turn it into a title page. Because of this small tip, the possibilities are endless.

Update: Video of Painting
A time lapse video of me creating an acrylic painting with the new *.png title.

This piece: 48″w x 28″h

Thank you iCreate!!!

5 thoughts on “I Heart: iCreate Magazine

  1. Madam says:

    Lisa, we love what you are doing with Icreate! Your video is wonderful, we especially like the short intervals for wine and the mouthy cat! And your painting is spectacular!!!


  2. creativegoddess says:

    Well behaved kitty… Such a FatBoy. I showed Bacchus in a ‘favorable’ light.

    If you take a look at the video again, you’ll see where my small container of brushes tipped over (to the right of the screen) and that will indicate ‘an altercation’ that took place earlier. Yup, that’s another FatBoy interruptus. ūüėČ


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