Sharing the Vote: The Gap’s “Vote for” Campaign

Earlier this year, I was contacted by a public relations agency to assist them in a guerrilla marketing campaign in NYC. The event was sponsored by GAP and the event was going to run in tandem with this year’s presidential election at their flagship store in Manhattan. How cool is that? Someone found me and called me!

I kept this quiet until I learned more about the event, alas, the budget was cut and I never heard from them again. Crap. Big disappointment. At least someone actually found me among millions of other artists and I happened to be one of the strongest contenders among the elite. Big sigh. Anyhow, the GAP has continued the election voting rally campaign thru other online venues including their site.

Share the Vote!
Meanwhile, I’ve been diligent about maintaining my online presence and social networking. A few weeks ago, my niece sent me some “Flair” thru Facebook. When I see fun objects being designed, my immediate question is, “How can I do that?” and “I want to send my own flair!”

The virtual buttons you see here that include Bacchus & Fetcher ’08, were created within Facebook and are available free to you -the public. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll know where to find ’em.

If you’re not a Facebook user (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you are free to you to snag these images and post on your own Web site, blogs, and such.

Let me know how you share the vote with my Flair -you may just win something from our shop!

Note: I do ask that you credit me since this the copyright still remains with me -I’d love it if you could link the image back to my Web site, too. I would be uber grateful.

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