Studio News: Splash Time!

So many of you have asked us about Splash Time and we’re now about to unveil our true selves. We’ve hesitated to announce our private habits due to this overshadowing blogging rule about revealing our private lives -but I just can’t take it anymore!

I’ve put together a little video series that introduces the history and traditions within our family called Splash Time. We hope you’ll enjoy!

PS. This fatcat is a new series under development -I think you’ll like his snarky humor!

Splash Time Intro

Splash Time – Part 1

Splash Time – Part 2

3 thoughts on “Studio News: Splash Time!

  1. Madam says:

    As usual – another fun creative feature. Thanks for another great remark about your MIL! Should add however, that at first glance, the roll of paper towels looks remarkably like a roll of TP. Note- at first glance!


  2. creativegoddess says:

    Ahh… but perhaps the remark was not about you at all. I remember you blaming Uncle Dick for having yet ‘Another Splash!’

    See, you should put your awfulizing in the closet along with all of your other skellies. ūüėČ


  3. Madam says:

    Yes, my memory is much too short – so will blame it all on Dick, but if you talk about a “crazy canuck” there’s a whole cottage full of us!!


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