Studio News: Vote for Favorite Boxer Dog

Update: By a landslide, the Winner is Boxer B! Send me your snail mail addresses so that you can receive your free print as promised. It may take a week or two to get them sent, so please be patient.

I am designing a new series featuring breed-specific dogs!! I need your help decided which Boxer is the best to showcase for my new line. Please help me choose.

Boxer A
Boxer B

Those who choose the selected dog get a free print of chosen featured Boxer. Choose now!

I don’t know who you are if you don’t leave a comment. You must also leave a comment w/your selection if you want a print. Okay? Okay!

Voting stops Halloween night -that’s October 31st for those of you living in a crypt. If you do live in a crypt, I’m thinking that the first thing you’ll do is read this blog entry as soon as you arise. Am I right?

Vote now!

10 thoughts on “Studio News: Vote for Favorite Boxer Dog

  1. Jeanne Rhea says:

    I voted for B. You know I have no idea if which one looks most like a boxer. Just saw the ugliest dog contestants on TV and I have a soft heart for the ugly. So that tells you I don’t know which is really more accurate.


  2. Susan Donley says:

    My reasons for choosing #2: I just finished a portrait of a boxer myself (see blog link above), so after ten hours of looking at that boxer gal Sassy, I can vouch for the vericity of #2. Our biggest challenge in choosing a reference photo for Sassy was finding one that didn’t look sad. They have that drawn sad face, which just lights up when they recognize a friend or want to play. I’ve never met a mean boxer in my life. I think Boxer B reflects those traits and from a biz standpoint will be more appealing to boxer owners. In my experience, they are not looking to identify with the “protection” angle, but the “affectionate” angle.

    Just $.02 from someone who also draws dogs (and cats, birds, and horses) all day (well, I would like to, but the business side of art muscles in a lost!)


  3. creativegoddess says:

    I’d agree with you on all of those point, Susan. I think I was in a Halloween mood when creating A. I’m going to be creating a boxer on commission soon for a friend -and Missy’s a big dollbaby.


  4. Penny says:

    “B” gets my vote, just cause it looks ‘friendlier’… “A” seems like an angry boxer (?)

    LOVE the idea of a series in this style 🙂

    – penny


  5. Laurel says:

    Hi Lisa! I agree – boxer B looks like he’d hop up on the sofa and watch football with you. Boxer A – not so sure I’d invite him in….

    Luna is very interested to know when you’re going to create a beautiful Bouvier?



  6. Christine Petro says:

    My favorite is “B.” My sister has a boxer-mix, and the expression on “B” really sums up Cisco’s personality.

    Love the Arts & Crafts – like motif around the perimeter!

    ~ Christine


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