Halloween Freebie Treats: Wallpaper

Happy Ghastly Halloween!!

This is by far, my most favorite holiday in the year. Unfortunately, urban legends have obscured and thwarted any opportunity to have fun and brew up some scare for the neighborhood kids –you know that razors in apples is a myth, don’t you? Plus, there’s only 10 in my ‘hood, so to commit myself to a month’s worth of R&D and a week’s worth of installation and have it to be over in 15 minutes. I can tell you that this witch goes thru severe post-scare depression. I’ll post photos of scary yards past because they were devilishly fun.

Meanwhile, I have taken a brief respite from illustration to do a few fun haunting Halloween designs. If you like them, let me know -I always need encouragement to give you great photographic art!

About the photos
Last year on our belated honeymoon trip to the UK, we found one of Edinburgh’s most haunted graveyards. The select photos below were taken by both Andrew and I; hope you love them as much as I do. I’m also working on a scary little video short -stay tuned!!

Happy Hauntings!! Wickedly Yours, Lisa

As Always…
You can find them all on the Freebie Page. Personal use only, not for resale.

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