Avatar: A Tribute to Native Americans

After my recent saga about avatars, I realized I needed to update my Halloween avatar (complete with fang) to the next holiday.

ECStewart AvatarThus, I’ve decided because our American Thanksgiving is approaching, it would be prudent to adorn my avatar with an icon to symbolize this day: a feather. This feather is to remember the Native Americans who were sacrificed by the Puritans who terrorized them so that we could immigrate into the New World.

I will always remember.

One thought on “Avatar: A Tribute to Native Americans

  1. ryeder says:

    I love the simplistic lines and the tribute to a rich and spiritual culture. As a counselor, I work with many Native youth and find it frustrating that many have forgotten their true heritage, but also relieved that there is a growing and continuing progression back to what is important. The important Lakota words: Kinship, Courage, Fortitude, Wisdom and Generosity../..Otaku’ye, Wo’hitika, Wowa’cintanka, Wo’ksape and Waca’ntognaka.

    You have a gift….


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