Tagged: Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me

My NYC friend, Kate, little Miss Serves hors d’oeurvres to the King of Sweden while playing drums in the front parlor, has tagged me on the blogosphere. I’m suppose to unearth seven things you might not know about me. Man Kate! I can’t come up with seven (7) things that are print worthy –I’ve still got underage nieces to think about.

Okay, here it goes. It’s boring, believe me.

My Life Is a Musical -In many cases I have to stop everything I’m doing to do the jig and sing a cadence to realign my mind & body. Very alarming when you witness for the first time.


A classically trained pianist and trumpet player. Couldn’t decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I doubled majored for a couple of years in both art and music (even joined a Drum Corp!). Who ever said both were complementary didn’t know what they were talking about. Both take relentless dedication and several clones to make them work harmoniously; simply said, something’s got to give.  Unfortunately, I live without a piano.

Twirled Baton After 7 years of dedicated lessons as aspiring baton twirler, the high school marching band dropped the twirling girls and opted for drum corp style marching. So instead, I opted-in as a trumpet soloist.

Got struck by lightning and lived to tell about it. Even won an award for a creative writing pieced based on the real-life story. Lost the piece long ago, so I can’t link it. Sorry!

Grew up with a menagerie of animals: horses, cows, dogs and pussycats. Won another creative writing piece titled “The Barn.” Lost that along with the Lightning Strike article. Double sorry!

Known as the cat whisperer. Yes, cats can do what they’re told, they just don’t.

Scored extremely high in an extrasensory perception exam as a test subject at the Rhine Research Center. No, I can’t foretell the future or even the lottery, so don’t think about kidnapping me and holding me at gun point to scratch off numbers. If I could, do you think I’d be telling you? I’m just a very good receiver; I’m just sayin’. Plus, this only works if I’m well rested and meditating and right now, not so much; I’m just sayin’.

Did I just hear someone yawn? Thought so.

Now, for tagging the seven friends. Geez, I don’t have seven friends, well, I do, but they don’t have blogs… yet. I’ll give it my best shot:

Jeanne Rhea
M Rasheed
Tara Reed
Susan Donley
Julia Thompson
Chrysti Hydeck
Natasha Wescoat
Amy Flynn Get Your Blog Now!

9 thoughts on “Tagged: Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. kate says:

    How in the H-E Double L is getting struck by lightening….BORING??!?!?!?!? I need some more details, holy moly! And I had no idea you were a musical kind of girl, we should dust off our drums and form a band…Houdin can play the recorder, Lucie on the sax.


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