Vote Contest + Giveaway: Favorite Labrador!

Continuing my new series: Breed-specific dogs and I need your help again. Please help me decide which Blonde Lab is the best to showcase for my new line.

UPDATE: The blonde lab #2 is the winner! The votes were close which means both designs were good. Thanks all for voting and for those of you who chose #2, please be sure to email me your snail mail addresses.

UPDATE 2: The labs are now ready for purchase on CalligraphyPets site. For those of you who voted (by Nov 17) and would like to purchase the lab, I’ll grant you 25% off your first print order.

Thanks again!

Blonde Lab 1
Blonde Lab 2

The first 10 people who choose the selected dog get a free print of chosen featured Blonde Labrador Retriever. I already have my favorite but your voting could sway me. So choose with your heart and we’ll see which guy wins. Vote now!

Contest Ends: Monday, November 17, 6pm.

I don’t know who you are if you don’t leave a comment. You must also leave a comment w/your selection if you want a print. Okay? Okay!

11 thoughts on “Vote Contest + Giveaway: Favorite Labrador!

  1. creativegoddess says:

    Ugh! Can’t you see that the economic crises stole Sept and October from me and I was determined to reclaim those lost months?? Thanks for busting my delusion.

    No dog for you, Madam!!

    I think somewhere in the World it’s Splash Time. Yes, that would be MY world. ūüėČ


  2. Evelyn Morris hecht says:

    Hi Lisa,

    One dog artist to another: I voted A or #1 (which I prefer if you can’t do what I would do which is combine the 2). I think it might give the Lab extra dimension- flat plane of nose is lit and then the darker line strengthens the definition…..ok, sorry but I typically don’t see things like others. Good luck with new series!



  3. kjsh says:

    just in case my note above was ambiguous ūüėČ my preference is B. even though A was looking better in the thumbnail, at least on my monitor ūüėČ


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