I Heart Bronners

If you’ve ever wondered where Michigander’s get their holiday ornaments, wonder no more: Bronners. Outside of Frankemuth (a wonderful little German-esque town that you must be the second part of your trip) lays a 96,000 sq. ft. (2.2 acres 1.7 football fields of space) salesroom showcasing over 50,000 trims and gifts for all seasons. This takes shop til ya drop to a whole new level.


The store directory can tell you just how expansive Wally’s World is (yes, the founder’s name is Wally). Oh, and if they still have the movie highlighting Wally’s dream, don’t view it. Don’t go into the light. Twenty years ago, I sat through a painful 20 minutes of some of the most dryest footage that was already 30 years old. Keep that precious time for getting a drink because after all the accosting stimulus, you’re going to need it. Perhaps if they installed a deprevation tank, it would help shoppers spend more money. I think that’s what the small screening room was for. Ack!

Anyhow, definitely worth the experience.

More visual stimulus here:
NYTimes SlideShow
Bronners 360*

Part 2: Frankenmuth
A fun place to decompress after your shopping battle at Bronners, head to historic Frankenmuth for food, fair, and fun. In the winter evenings, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, young teens keep the luminaries lite along a mile of street while shoppers walk romantically along the storefronts drinking hot cider. Within the Bavarian climate, there’s also a few beer halls complete with great tasting chicken dinners for the whole family. Well, they were great tasting when I was 15.

Authentic German Holidays
If you want to read more about romantic holiday excursions in Germany, you can read our honeymoon travels from last year beginning in Munich.

2 thoughts on “I Heart Bronners

  1. Darla Dixon says:

    I have been to Bronners! Mr. Bronner is almost single-handedly responsible for the growth of Frankenmuth. He started his store and urged others to join him there. There was an interesting article in Inc. Magazine about him several months ago. I loved hearing about the man behind Bronner’s.

    Where I live now, in Snellville GA, we have a store called M.C. Twinklins that is all Christmas and I need to check out!


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