Studio News: Pure Breeds Have Arrived

You’ve Begged, I’ve Listened

Designed on the classic arts and crafts background, all seven standard classes will be featured on color coded backgrounds for your choosing. Each dog features an historical reference to the origination of the breed and the colors chosen specifically for each class were carefully evaluated based on history, outlook, and current social conditions.

What You’re Saying…
Fans are already raving about the luster of these fine art prints. They’ve said things like,
“The luster, the depth, the richness. Incredible!”
“Wow! The Web site doesn’t do these justice! They’re gorgeous!”
“These are beautiful -when are you doing a German Shepherd?”
“So, my mom’s got this great Boxer with specific markings -do you take commissions?”

I’ve been only able to get a small litter created, but will continually work throught-out the season to get you the dog you want. As the collection continues to expand, I will be offering commissions, too!

Meet the Breeds on CalligraphyPets

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