LUXEMousepads: A Sensational Debut

Yay! Our new LUXE mousepads are getting some notoriety after their debut. Both an ETSY Treasury by Laurel of LAValley Girl and a video by Natasha Wescoat highlight the functional design featuring Bacchus.

ETSY Treasury

Natasha’s Shoutout to Keith Burtis & Moi
Artists I Love: EC Stewart and Keith Burtis
from Natasha Wescoat on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “LUXEMousepads: A Sensational Debut

  1. Keith Burtis says:

    This is great! Natasha is right, you are an exceptional artist. After Christmas I would like to commission a mouse pad. I am working full time on the internet now as you know and i have something in mind. I have a feeling it would be right n line with your design. I am excited about chatting with you!



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