Studio News: Debut!

My two favorite things: Talking about my art and enjoying wine. Please join us as we make our debut on the new Web channel this Friday!

Yes! That’s tomorrow night. Bring your favorite cocktail and chat with Andrew and I together while the wonderful Donna Maria shows you the ins and outs of our great products. Oh, and if you stay ’til the very end, I will have a surprise for you. To watch and participate: Update: If you want your name seen within the chat, please register with so that you’re not merely a number, but we can see your name, too! For indie designers: Join me within community. You’ll want to combine forces with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Update: If you want to see an excerpt from the broadcast, you can watch it here:

3 thoughts on “Studio News: Debut!

  1. Donna Maria @ Indie Shopping says:

    Lisa, I am ecstatic to have you on the show tomorrow. I am so inspired by how you and your husband have joined your talents and gifts to create beautiful products that enhance people’s lives. You are a stellar example of what makes Indie so special and I am so looking forward to the Cocktails & Conversation. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and the world!!


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