ECStewart Reviews Girl Scout Cookie

Lisa and Andrew were asked by the Girl Scouts of Nassau County in New York, to review the 2009 Dulce de Leche cookie. In our own silly way, we decided to review the cookie in a video format.

Update: Suddenly, YouTube is plastering grotesque titles across my videos. My apologies. I always ensure that anything I create exudes design thoughtfulness.

5 thoughts on “ECStewart Reviews Girl Scout Cookie

  1. Penny says:

    oooh, wicked, wicked woman — GS cookies and ice cream are agents of the devil }:-o love the review — always a hoot to see the dynamic duo in action ūüėČ


  2. Evelyn Morris Hecht says:

    HELLO…….Ms. Creative Goddess and Hunka Hunka Mandrew………I have mentioned home shopping TV networks to you before……… guys are like the new George and Gracie (Burns and Allen)……..ok, I’m dating myself and so I’m gone…….. :>)


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