Studio News: Fetcher & the Slippers

Inspired by my recent giveaway at Boylan Heights Art Walk, I decided to create a modified Fetcher. Fetcher now comes with slippers. Watch the video of the whys and how it came to be.

Chardonnay assists and provides quality control.

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About this art:
Brush & Ink
11″w x 14″h
146lb Heavy Weight Bristol Paper
Warm White

Purchase the original and prints on CalligraphyPets

PS. This endeavor proved to agonizing as I learn the ins and out of iMovie vs QuickTimePro. It was also frustrating because the neighborhood bandwidth was painfully slow; the upload took more than 4 hours!! When I find out I’ve uploaded the wrong video… Oy! I have published this video on YouTube, however, because Chardonnay assists in his fashionable way, the inset didn’t show. Until I can figure out how to successfully do this, I’ll continue to play with

5 thoughts on “Studio News: Fetcher & the Slippers

  1. Pam says:

    Nice video! I enjoyed seeing you at your work! Love Chardonnay, too (the cat, that is). He is a good helper. I have not yet tried to do a video of me working… seems quite a daunting prospect… maybe one of these days! Thanks for sharing! Nice to get to know Twitter folks a little better this way. Love your site.


  2. creativegoddess says:

    Thanks, Pam! Initially, it is a daunting process, but after watching several artists do this, one can devise a personal strategy that may/may not encompass their practices.

    I’m still getting used to being on camera (I sometimes choke up), talking (lots of ums), the process, and pretending that what I do is of interest to others. ūüôā


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