PawpArt: Royal Treatment

King of HeartsBacchus (the FatCat) insisted he wear a crown -don’t ask me why. I told him that if he insists on wearing a crown, I’m adding hearts to it -he had no choice but to acquiesce. Suddenly, he wanted a sash, epaulets -I don’t think he even knows what an epaulet is- gauntlet and a cape. Go figure. The cat wants a cape, like a mouseketeer.  Can you imagine Bacchus running around with the feather in his mouth, howling and tripping over his cape?

Of course, he wouldn’t listen to reason. I explained that Edna from The Incredibles wouldn’t design him a cape because they’re too dangerous. Then he reminded me of his first Holiday Season with us.

This is me painting FatCat Bacchus as the King of Hearts. Oh, check out his heart nose!

About this art:
Original Acrylic Paint
14″w x 18″h
1/4″ Canvas
One of a kind.

Please be kind when rating this video. It has neither cats nor dialog, just pretty music.

King of Hearts now available on CalligraphyPets.

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